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Commercial Refrigerator  Repair

If you need reliable service for your commercial refrigeration equipment, you can turn to our team at IS Appliance Repair for assistance! We offer full-service maintenance and repair for all types of commercial refrigeration appliances, from small refrigerators that fit under the counter to 30-ton-per-day ice machines. We serve clients who work in a diverse range of industries.

We service commercial refrigeration equipment such as:

Chiller systems
Cryogenic/ ultra-low temperature freezers
Deli and meat cases
Dry cleaning cooling equipment
Floral display cases
Hospital lab refrigeration equipment
Ice cream dipping cabinets
Ice machines
Industrial refrigeration systems
Printing machine cooling equipment
Reach-in coolers and freezers
Refrigerated trucks
Restaurant equipment/ prep tables
Ship and yacht refrigeration
Sub Zero refrigerators/ freezers
Walk-in coolers and freezers
Warehouses/ cold storage
Wine coolers

We serve as a one-stop shop!

Whether you need assistance with upgrading, retrofitting, cleaning, repairing, or installing your commercial refrigeration equipment, we are your one-stop solution. We are proud to be experts in our field, and we are knowledgeable in areas that range from medical refrigeration to cooling of scientific test chambers.

When your refrigeration equipment is not functioning properly, this can cause serious disruptions to your business operations, and even safety hazards to the people you serve. Our refrigeration professionals are here to get your equipment back in working order! Tell us about the issues you are experiencing and get the tried-and-true assistance you are looking for.