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Garbage Disposal Repair

IS Appliance Repair's Garbage Disposal Repair Service Eliminates Garbage Disposal Jams And Clogs And Restores Your Kitchen Sink To Fully Functional Working Order

Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

Why does the garbage disposal always fail on the holiday you are having a large family gathering at your home? There you are hurrying to finish preparing the dinner and cleaning the kitchen before your guests arrive, and you have a jammed garbage disposal.. Fortunately, the garbage disposal repair experts at IS Appliance Repair are available to restore your garbage disposal service. The most important factor is keeping a garbage disposal working like new is proper use and maintenance of the device. However, even properly maintained garbage disposals occasionally jam or clog, and that is when you want to rely on the garbage disposal installation and repair specialists at IS Appliance Repair.
Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations Caused by Self-Repair by Calling your Local Garbage Disposal Service Professionals

While there are a number of solutions you can try to dislodge a jam and fix your garbage disposal, DO NOT ever put your hand into the unit while the power is activated. Not only could you seriously injure yourself, you could cause further damage to the garbage disposal. Jams and clogs happen to even the best garbage disposals, and they are caused by a variety of malfunctions including:

Overloading the unit with excessive amounts of discarded food remnants
Food or other items stuck in the grinding plates
A failed electrical connection
A tripped reset button

The garbage disposal service experts at IS Appliance Repair rapidly respond to your call, and plumb the garbage disposal to determine the nature and extent of the malfunction. Necessary kitchen garbage disposal repairs are performed thoroughly and expediently, restoring order to your kitchen and your peace of mind. They will also show you how to fix your garbage disposal safely, when self-repair is possible.
The garbage disposal repair professionals at IS Appliance Repair will install garbage disposals when repairs are not possible.

When your find your garbage disposal not working and an inspection of the malfunctioning kitchen garbage disposal reveals that repairing the unit is no longer cost-effective or feasible, many customers ask the cost to fix a garbage disposal and the cost to install garbage disposals. Our garbage disposal repair technicians will provide you with a realistic estimate of the cost of insinkerator garbage disposal or other garbage disposal installation, including sinkmaster garbage disposal removal.