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Refrigerator Deep Clearing Condenser Coils Cleaning

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Why clean my refrigerator condenser coils?

        Keeping the condenser coil clean on your refrigerator is a major factor in efficiency and lasting performance. A dirty condenser coil causes the compressor to run too hot which can damage the compressor, cause the refrigerator to run too long, and cause a no-cool situation.

        It is very important to clean condenser coils on forced-air refrigerators such as side-by-side and built-in models at least twice a year (if you have a refrigerator with the black coils mounted on the back, these coils don't require semi-annual cleaning).

        appliances work harder, using  more energy than clean coils. Regular cleaning enhances radiator and
        refrigerator performance, extends their lives, and can save you up to 6% on your energy bills!  

        The refrigerator has a compressor that forces refrigerant through coils in the freezer and on the refrigerator's exterior.
        Evaporator coils in the freezer remove heat from inside. This heat is emitted into the room through the exterior condenser coils. If the exterior condenser coils become dirty, they are less efficient at transferring heat into the air around the refrigerator and forcing your appliance to work harder.

How often should I clean my refrigerator condenser coils?
        For maximum performance, it is recommended you clean
        your refrigerator condenser coils at least twice per year, more if you have pets.

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