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Going Green

Why Repairing Your Current Appliances Makes Sense

It is time we consider personally all we can do to use wise recycling and conservation to curb the mounting height of trash in all landfills. Maintaining, rather than replacing, older appliances is one way to help. Of course, at some point, all appliances just quit working, but often a repair is a less costly and more environmentally friendly choice.

Seven Reasons To Consider Repairing vs. Replacing

• You will help keep our landfills clean
                    • No energy used to build a new appliance
                    • It is more economical, in most cases, than purchasing a new appliance
                    • The new appliance may not match your existing appliances
                    • Your current appliances are typically more reliable than newer ones
                    • Saves you the hassle and inconvenience of shopping for a new appliance
                    • Because you love your current appliances and just don't want to part with them!

Repair or Replace?

•                     The Physical Condition - Is the machine in decent physical shape, free of rust and
                    •                     The Mechanical Condition - Has the machine been running smoothly for you without any leaks, unusual noises, strong odors and the like?
                    •                     The Cost Of The Repair - Is the repair price less then half of the price of a new
                    appliance with similar features?
                    •                     Life Expectancy - Will the cost of the repair extend the life of the appliance 2-4 years?
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